Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast – Cleanliness at its Finest

One of the things that you should never compromise on when looking for a Bed and Breakfast is cleanliness. Cleanliness efforts vary from one Bed and Breakfast to another with some establishments striving for the industry’s minimum standards on one end and others striving for spotless perfection. The Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast offers the ultimate cleanliness experience every day of the week. Guestrooms are cleaned every day to provide that elegant feeling that comes with cleanliness and to ensure that customers have an experience that is second to none.

The COVID-19 Pandemic brought with it a fair share of challenges and various adjustments became necessary. The Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast reopened its doors to guests on 26th May 2020, operating at sixty percent capacity to ensure the safety and comfort of guests. The check-out time was moved from 11 am to 4 pm to allow room for extra sanitization protocols. As per the industry guidelines, sanitizing protocols included no in-room housekeeping and scheduled sanitization of public areas. Breakfast was also adjusted to accommodate industry guidelines and social distancing rules.

Other adjustments included linen resupply, trash removal, and special cleanups. To use the outdoor shower and jacuzzi, a person now has to notify the management to allow for social distancing rules. The establishment’s 2-week cancellation policy was amended such that if a client must cancel due to the need to quarantine or symptoms the Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast draws down your stay’s remaining balance and gives you a gift certificate of a similar amount with zero cancellation fees. You will be required to wear a mask during your stay at the Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast so do not leave home without it. It is important to follow these regulations to ensure your safety and the safety of others.


If you are looking for the perfect Bed and Breakfast getaway experience in North Wildwood, you need to look no further than Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast. The establishment offers a profound combination of elegance, sophistication, and coastal fun. Victorian-era-inspired with a modern touch, the Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast offers a distinctive experience from other establishments in the industry. Features such as the Carriage house, fresh flowers, chocolates, and a decanter of sherry make this gem the ideal place for a romantic getaway. There are a ton of activities to do with your significant other and you will scarcely be bored. The stable high-speed connection at Candlelight Inn Bed and Breakfast is convenient for work and video conferencing so you don’t have to worry about missing out on work. The establishment’s cleanliness is second to none, and excellent customer service remains one of the main selling points of this Bed and Breakfast. You will go back home feeling like you really did have the “time of your life” once you visit this establishment.

Post written by Heidi Torres. When she’s not writing about travel destinations, you can catch her on Credit Glory.